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Reinstating Your Driver’s License After a DUI Conviction in Tampa, FL

One of the most severe consequences of a DUI conviction is the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. After a DUI conviction in Tampa, FL, you’ll need to find a way to reinstate your driver’s license. However, in the state of Florida, a DUI is considered as a criminal offense which makes it quite difficult to get your driver’s license back after the court finds you guilty of driving under influence of alcohol or drugs.

The state would have established beyond doubt that you had been driving the car under influence of alcohol or drugs to prove the criminal act. For an alcohol DUI case, the state must prove that your blood alcohol level was 0.08 or higher before you are convicted. With the representation of an experienced Tampa DUI attorney representing, you could possibly have the charges dismissed or reduced but it is quite possible to have your driving privileges suspended. Reinstatement of your driver’s license will mainly depend on the number of DUI convictions you already have on record.

License reinstatement for a first time DUI offender

If this is your first DUI conviction, your driver’s license can be revoked for a period ranging from 180 days to one year. If the DUI offense involves an additional charge of causing serious harm to other party or parties, then your license could be revoked for up to 3 years. Fortunately, you can always apply for a hardship driver’s license before the suspension period ends.

The conviction may also include a directive to complete a substance treatment program or a DUI school program. In this case, you’ll need to complete the courses in 90 days before your license is reinstated. If you don’t complete the course on time, your license will remain canceled until you do. You’ll be required to take a state exam before the license is fully reinstated. There are several fees that you’ll need to pay too. For instance, you’ll pay a revocation fee of $75, an administrative fee of $130, and basic license fee. You’ll also be required to provide proof that you indeed have valid auto insurance.

License reinstatement for a second time DUI offender

If you are charged for DUI a second time after more than five years from your first conviction, then your driver’s license will be revoked for between 180 days and one year. If the second offense happens in less than five years since the first one, your license will be revoked for at minimum five years. You have the option of applying for a hardship license after one year. However, before the license is reinstated, the state requires that you must complete the DUI School as well as a treatment program if the judge had ordered you to.

You’ll also be required to get a positive referral from Special Services program. The same processing and administrative fees you paid the first time will also be applicable in the second application. At this point, it is important to consult a Tampa DUI lawyer who’ll not only review your case and circumstances but also guide all through the license reinstatement process.

License reinstatement after a Third DUI offense

If you have been charged with a third DUI offense 10 years or more after your second conviction, your license will be revoked for 180 days to one year. If the third DUI offense comes within 10 years after the second one, then expect a 10-year license revocation from the state. You will further be required to wait for two years before you are eligible to apply for a hardship license. Similar to the first and second license reinstatement conditions, you’ll have to complete DUI School and treatment programs and acquire insurance coverage before your application is considered. You’ll also pay the required fees again.

Reinstatement after the fourth DUI conviction

For a fourth DUI conviction, your license will be suspended for a period of five years before the state can even consider your request for a hardship license. Similar t your previous DUI convictions, you’ll be required to complete DUI School and treatment programs, get insurance and pay the processing and administrative fees before applying for your license to be reinstated.

License revocation after a DUI manslaughter

If you commit manslaughter while driving under influence of alcohol or drugs, your driver’s license will be revoked permanently. You’ll further be required to wait for at least 5 years before you can apply for a hardship license. The state requires that you must complete both DUI School and treatment and get a positive recommendation from the Special Supervision Services before your application for a hardship license can be heard. You’ll also be required to pay revocation reinstatement fee, administrative fee, and basic license fee.

License reinstatement after refusal to submit to a breath or urinalysis test

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, if you are charged and convicted for refusal to submit to a breath or urine test, your license will be suspended for one year from the date of arrest and 18 months for any other consecutive DUI offenses. You’ll be provided with a 10-day driving permit from the day of arrest. After the permit expires, you’ll have to wait for 90 days before you can apply for a hardship license. If you have declined to submit to a sobriety test two or more times, then you won’t be eligible for a hardship license. First-time offenders will be required to prove that they have completed DUI School before they can be considered for a hardship license. You have 90 days to complete the course.

How can an experienced Tampa DUI Lawyer help?

A DUI case can be a stressful experience with serious consequences. If convicted, you could lose your personal freedom, driving privileges, get a criminal record, lose future employment chances, and car insurance payments. A DUI case in Tampa and across the state is treated as a criminal offense. It is a charge that can only get worse if not properly addressed. Fortunately, an experienced Tampa DUI lawyer can help you fight the charges and get back to your normal life. It is essential to hire the right DUI lawyer in Tampa who’ll help you get the best possible ruling in your DUI case.

If your driver’s license is revoked after a DUI conviction, you’ll need to discuss your case with a lawyer in Tampa who specializes in DUI cases to help you get the license reinstated. A good DUI lawyer will have all the skills, knowledge, and experience to handle your suspended license case.

The harsh penalties of a DUI conviction including loss of your driving privileges make it critically important to seek legal representation when facing a charge of driving under influence. You’ll need to contact the right Tampa DUI attorney as quickly as possible after you have been arrested for DUI. This will help the attorney to assess your situation and take the necessary steps in good time.

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