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Alternative DUI Sentencing

Alternative DUI Sentencing Attorney in Tampa

Moving Forward After a Conviction

Our former prosecutors are devoted to helping our clients obtain a positive resolution in their case. But at Parks & Braxton, PA, our Tampa DUI lawyers do not stop fighting when the trial ends. If you have been convicted of a DUI, you may be facing harsh penalties that can affect you for years after a sentencing. However, you may be able to seek an adjustment to the conviction and secure an alternative sentencing. Trust a firm that has handled thousands of DUI cases to help you move forward, no matter what stage of the legal process you may be in!

Our team has 50+ years of collective experience in DUI defense and criminal law.
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Alternatives to Serving Jail Time

Imprisonment is one of the most common punishments for DUI. It is also one of the most troublesome punishments, because jail sentences often get in the way of other responsibilities, including your job. In certain situations, a judge may be able to order an alternative penalty to serve as credit for the jail sentence. Daily reporting and electric monitoring programs are some of the more common alternatives.

Drug and alcohol treatment programs are also favorable alternatives, because they offer assistance for individuals facing the troubles of addiction and offer solutions and counseling. Enrollment in these programs is often looked on favorably by judges. As an alternative to a DUI sentence, these programs can turn the negative potential of a conviction into a positive experience that helps you move on with your life.

The rules and regulations of alternative DUI sentencing may be found in Title 23 of the Florida Statutes – Motor Vehicles (Florida Statutes § 316.193)

Is it worth pursuing an alternative sentence?

Our Tampa DUI attorneys have handled complex DUI cases of all kinds. When it comes to DUI convictions, the penalties often involve hefty fines, license suspension, and jail time. These penalties often increase in severity with each consecutive conviction. Alternative sentencing allows individuals to take control of the legal ramifications.

DUI Lawyers Tampa

By showing good faith to the court, you may be able to reduce the harsher penalties of DUI into something that works with your schedule. This can prevent financial hardship and stress induced from difficult circumstances, and allow you to move on from a DUI conviction on a positive note. To ensure the legal procedures goes smoothly, you may need help from a legal professional.

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The Tampa Dui Lawyers At Parks & Braxton, PA, we exceed the expectations of our clients in order to help them find solutions to their legal issues. Although our team's experience as former prosecutors makes us formidable DUI lawyers tampa, we believe the mark of a true legal professional is the ability to adapt to any situation. We help our clients seek alternative sentencing for DUI convictions and, when appropriate, during plea bargains. Take the first step to finding your solutions today by scheduling your free case consultation with us. When it comes to protecting your rights, trust a firm with more than 50 years of collective experience.

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