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Breathalyzer Tests

Challenging Breathalyzer Tests

Can Breath Test Evidence be Contested?

Put simply, yes, you may contest the evidence of a breathalyzer test. Breath tests may be disputed by carefully examining a situation and finding faults in the procedure. There are a number of factors at play in a breathalyzer test, and an incorrect administration of the test or violation of rights may be grounds to have the test evidence thrown out of court.

If you are seeking to contest breathalyzer test evidence, consider the following:

  • Did the police officer unlawfully stop you?
  • Were you observed for 20 minutes before taking the test?
  • Was the breath test machine calibrated properly?
  • Did the police officer unlawfully arrest you?

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Any error in the testing process or wrongful action performed by the officer may be grounds to fight the test evidence. At Parks & Braxton, PA, our team of legal professionals include former prosecutors and more than 50 years of combined legal experience. Our attorneys possess working knowledge of the law on all sides of the courtroom. If you are planning to fight your DUI charge in court, consider working with a Tampa DUI lawyer from our firm.

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Protect Against License Suspension & Criminal Charges

If you have been charged with DUI, then you may not only be facing criminal charges, but also be facing a potential driver's license suspension. Your license suspension hearing is conducted by the DHSMV. Contesting the evidence of a breathalyzer test may be an essential part of defending your driving privileges. If you are able to show that the breath test evidence is faulty during this hearing, you may prevent your driver's license from being suspended by the DHSMV.

Similarly, contesting the evidence of a breath test may be a key part of your defense against a DUI charge. If you believe the breath test was faulty or performed unlawfully, then you should make sure your defense is solid for both the criminal trial and your license suspension hearing. Our DUI attorneys in Tampa have handled thousands of DUI cases and may provide individuals with the legal guidance and representation they need for a successful outcome.

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