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Versatile Defense for Your DUI Case

It pays to have former prosecutors defending your rights in a DUI case because a DUI lawyer in Tampa with vast experience in criminal defense is able to prepare a strong defense for all kinds of charges you may be facing. Having handled thousands of DUI cases, our legal team knows that many situations where a DUI is involved may also include other criminal charges, such as manslaughter or leaving the scene. When it comes to your defense, you want a well-rounded attorney who possess valuable knowledge in all matters involving criminal law, not just DUI!

Your Case May Come Down To the Evidence

Because there are many state laws that specifically concern DUI charges, there are a number of ways that someone can accidentally stray into the territory of "illegal" conduct. During traffic stops, the primary concern of law enforcement officials is to keep the roadways safe for the general public. Like everyone else, police officers are subject to emotions, and their decisions may be influenced by how well their day is going. Unfortunately, you may be the one who suffers.

Drivers can be wrongfully convicted of DUI as a result of improper police procedure and misconstrued evidence. This evidence may come from many different sources—witness testimony, breath test results, and police officer reports are some of the most common. A prosecutor may attempt to piece this evidence together in order to paint an incriminating picture. With the help of our team of Tampa DUI attorneys, you may avoid that wrongful conviction.

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Why Criminal Defense Experience Matters

DUI law is a section of criminal law, and obeys many of the same rules and procedures when it comes to convicting an individual. Prosecutors are tasked with convincing a jury or judge that the evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt that you were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. An attorney without versatile experience in all kinds of criminal law matters may not uncover the most effective defense for a case. Improper police procedure and misconstrued evidence may be used to convict you of offenses you may not have committed.

50+ Years of Collective Defense Experience

At Parks & Braxton, PA, we know how important it is to be versatile in the courtroom. As former prosecutors, our legal team possesses knowledge from both sides of the courtroom, and they can use this to your advantage. Our firm is not only renowned for our skills in DUI defense, but also for our abilities in criminal defense matters of all kinds. In the thousands of DUI cases we have tackled, many individuals have faced criminal charges alongside a charge of DUI. We have helped our clients obtain positive resolutions with their legal issues, and we may be able to help you protect your future opportunities from the consequences of a criminal conviction.

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