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What happens when narcotics are involved in a DUI?

Not all DUI convictions involve the consumption of alcohol—they may also include controlled substances or illegal drugs. A DUI charge requires that the driver be operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of an impairing substance, whether narcotics such as heroin or marijuana, or any number of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Any one of these may put an individual at risk of a DUI offense and other criminal charges, such as possession.

At Parks & Braxton, PA, we know there are many health reasons for individuals to be medicated, even when driving. When it comes to protecting your rights after a DUI arrest involving drugs, our DUI lawyers in Tampa may offer the strong defense and effective legal counsel you seek. Our team has handled thousands of DUI cases over the decades, and we helped many clients find positive solutions to complex cases involving charges of DUI and drug-related offenses.

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The Consequences of Drug-Related DUI

A DUI conviction related to impairing substances often results in the same penalties of an alcohol-related DUI: jail sentences, monetary fines, license suspension, and probation. However, a drug-related DUI arrest may be complicated by criminal charges of possession and even intent to sell. This depends on the type of drug in your system and whether the police find additional quantities of the drug on your person or in your vehicle when they perform a search.

Many drug-related DUI cases consist of multiple criminal charges. You may have to defend yourself against a DUI conviction as one or more criminal convictions related to the drugs in your possession. Because of this, it is important for you to retain a Tampa DUI attorney who is experienced in defending against criminal charges of all kinds. The security of your future may depend on the skills and experience of the attorney you retain for counsel.

Fight the Evidence Brought Against You

A DUI arrest does not guarantee a DUI conviction. For the charges to hold, the prosecution must demonstrate clear evidence of intoxication, and this evidence must have been obtained legally during the incident. Many individuals are charged and even convicted of crimes as a result of improper police procedure and misconstrued evidence. Your best defense against a criminal conviction is challenging the evidence brought against you in court.

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Many individuals depend on prescription and over-the-counter medication to live actively, and some may even need it to survive. However, the sad reality is that there is still a chance you may be charged with a DUI in spite of your circumstances. Luckily, being arrested for DUI does not mean you automatically suffer the penalties of a conviction.

With more than 50 years of collective experience, our legal team has helped clients protect their rights in cases involving DUI and other criminal charges. No matter how difficult your legal issues may seem, our Tampa DUI lawyer may help you find a positive resolution. Schedule your free case evaluation with Parks & Braxton, PA today and ensure your rights are protected!

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