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Michael Braxton

Michael Braxton

Michael Braxton

After graduating from Nova Law Center in 1993, Michael Braxton began his career as an Assistant Public Defender in Tampa, Florida. During that time, Mr. Braxton defended thousands of cases including DUI's, misdemeanors, traffic offenses, and all types of felonies. After leaving the Public Defender's office, Mr. Braxton became a partner at the law firm of Essen & Essen where he continued to defend DUI cases.

Throughout his career spanning over 21 years, Mr. Braxton has tried over 150 jury trials, numerous bench trials, and a countless number of pre-trial motions. He has defended and won thousands of DUI cases before trial, but has also obtained countless "not guilty" verdicts after trial.

Mr. Braxton has a history of getting client's cases dismissed by finding and presenting evidence that proved occurrences of police misconduct, destruction of evidence, illegal traffic stops, and unlawful searches and seizures. Alongside his strong defense abilities, Michael Braxton helps clients with other legal procedures related to DUI, including the restoration of their driving privileges in DHSMV hearings. He has handled DUI cases in almost every county in the state of Florida.

In addition, Mr. Braxton has lectured at numerous DUI seminars throughout the state teaching hundreds of lawyers how to properly defend a DUI cases. He has taught on various DUI topics including "how to properly cross examine a witness". He has also written nationally published articles on DUI defense topics including "Excluding Breath, Blood, and Urine Results" and "Unlawful Police Stops". He is honored by a 10.0 Superb rating by Avvo and is recognized as a top AV rated lawyer- the highest national rating of a lawyer's professional ability and ethical standards. Those are just a few of the awards and accolades that Mr. Braxton has accumulated over the years.

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