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DMV Hearing

DHSMV Hearings in Tampa, FL

Fight the suspension of your driver's license after a DUI arrest!

A DMV hearing, also known as a DHSMV hearing in Florida, is an administrative hearing designed to determine the future of your driving privileges—it does not determine the criminal punishment for your DUI case. DHSMV hearings are separate from your criminal case. This hearing must be scheduled within 10 days of your DUI arrest. At the hearing, you may be able to prevent your driver's license from being suspended because of the arrest, allowing you to keep your full driving privileges while the DUI charge is resolved.

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Failing to schedule a DMV hearing and handling the procedure effectively could result in your license being suspended for an extended period of time. This means that you will be unable to drive to and from work, nor for any of your other responsibilities. At Parks & Braxton, PA, our Tampa DUI lawyers take DMV hearings as seriously as the DUI criminal court case. Because our team has more than 20 years of collective experience, they have legal abilities you may use to your advantage in dismissing your DUI charge and protecting your driving privileges. When it comes to protecting your rights, trust a firm with an outstsanding record of success in DUI defense. Trust the award-winning legal team at Parks & Braxton, PA!

What happens in a DHSMV hearing?

The hearing officer will review the circumstances of the DUI arrest in order to determine if your license will be suspended. This includes investigating whether or not the law enforcement officer had reasonable cause to believe you were driving under the influence of impairing substances, whether or not you were placed under lawful arrest, if your BAC was 0.08% or higher, and several other legal issues.

When you request your DMV hearing, you may choose a formal or informal review. At a formal review, you may present evidence and witness testimony in your defense, and have attorney representation during the hearing as well. In an informal interview, the hearing officer reviews case without considering additional evidence or testimony.

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Why should I schedule a hearing?

As is common with DUI cases, there is a lot of evidence that can be misconstrued to support a DUI arrest that may have not been legitimate. It is important to know that a lot of symptoms can be confused with intoxication, including fatigue, motion sickness, and many others. However, if you do not schedule a DMV hearing and defend yourself, your license will be automatically suspended for a duration of six months to as much as one year or more.

Without preventing your license suspension or obtaining a temporary license, you are legally prohibited from driving, even to and from work. This may have negative consequences on your financial security. Do not let a DUI arrest affect your livelihood any more than it has to. At Parks & Braxton, PA, our Tampa DUI defense attorneys can help you determine an effective course of legal action that may protect your driving privileges.

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Remember, a hearing at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) is not a criminal hearing. This is a separate hearing that you have a limited amount of time to schedule. If you do not schedule this DMV hearing, your license suspension automatically becomes permanent for an extended period of time. At the review, you can challenge the evidence of your arrest or petition for a hardship license, so that you can drive certain hours of the day to certain destinations because a license suspension would prove hardship.

Parks & Braxton, PA has years of success handling DUI issues of all kinds. When it comes to DHSMV hearings, our DUI lawyers in Tampa can represent our clients during formal review processes and advise them on their legal options. If you have been arrested for DUI, it is never too late to get the legal assistance you need. When it comes to protecting your driving privileges and looking after your best interests, trust a legal team with decades of experience in DUI defense. Schedule a free consultation with Parks & Braxton, PA and find out how we may help.

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