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DUI Expungement

DUI Expungement Lawyer in Tampa

Keeping Your Record Clean After a DUI Arrest

Many states have expungement laws that allow individuals to protect their future by removing the stain of a DUI arrest from their criminal record. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, expungement will likely play an important part of your case, especially if you have not yet been convicted of DUI. Even without a conviction, a DUI arrest may limit your future career opportunities and prevent you from living your life to the fullest extent.

The first step to securing your future after a DUI arrest is getting in contact with a Tampa DUI attorney. In Florida, DUI laws are strict and carry harsh penalties for criminal offenses. Some of these penalties begin as soon as you are arrested. Your rights may have been violated in the process, but the courts may need convincing to see this. When it comes to protecting your rights, trust a firm with 50+ years of collective legal experience.

Our Tampa DUI defense lawyers have handled thousands of DUI cases with success. Contact Parks & Braxton, PA today and secure the legal protection you deserve!

Florida Expungement Laws

Expungement is sometimes referred to as "sealing" or "setting aside" a conviction, as well as "expunction." In any case, the process is the same—the laws allow certain arrests and convictions to be hidden from view, whether from law enforcement, employers, or others. However, DUI and DWI arrests may still be used as proof of prior conviction. This means that although an expungement can help your career opportunities and other situations, it does not actually remove the offense from your record.

In Florida, DUI arrests may only be expunged in situations where the charges were eventually dismissed in court, dropped, unfiled, or found not guilty. In addition, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement may still disclose the existence of expunged records for individuals who are applying for scholarships, jobs, and similar circumstances. They may not, however, divulge the contents of those records. Because of these strict laws, it is imperative for individuals to retain a dedicated legal professional for assistance.

The law concerning expungement of criminal records is located in Title XLVII of the Florida Administrative Code, and Chapter 11C-7 (Florida Seal and Expunge Process)

Why hire an attorney for an expungement procedure?

Individuals retain a lawyer for the same reason they seek help in a DUI case—to ensure they obtain a positive outcome in their case. If you have already fought your DUI charge in court, this is only half the battle. If you have just been arrested for DUI, the battle is just beginning. The success of your case depends on your knowledge of Florida DUI law and legal procedure.

An expungement does not affect your driving privileges after a DUI arrest. If your license was suspended, you still need legal representation in a DMV hearing to protect your driving privileges. With the help of our DUI attorney in Tampa, you may give yourself the edge you need in court, which can strengthen your chances of a successful DUI expungement.

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